Bribing (Incentivizing)

A fundamental aspect of the ve(3,3) DEX model is the inclusion of bribing as a core feature. NILE implements two types of bribes within the system:

  1. Vote Bribes: Users and protocols have the ability to offer bribes to voters, influencing them to allocate emissions to specific token pairs. In exchange for their votes, the briber receives a proportionate distribution of the bribes. This mechanism allows stakeholders to shape the allocation of emissions according to their preferences and strategic interests.

  2. Gauge Bribes: In addition to emissions, tokens can be directly offered as bribes to LP (liquidity provider) stakers. This incentivizes the growth of liquidity in specific token pairs, primarily benefiting protocols seeking to bootstrap liquidity efficiently within the NILE AMM (Automated Market Maker). By offering gauge bribes, protocols can attract liquidity and promote the development of robust trading pairs.

These bribing mechanisms empower users and protocols to actively participate in shaping the NILE ecosystem, fostering liquidity provision, and driving value to specific token pairs. It promotes an inclusive and dynamic environment where stakeholders can engage in strategic collaborations and mutually beneficial arrangements.

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