šŸ“ˆEmissions Schedule

The liquid NILE emissions according to the protocol's tokenomics

100% of ALL emissions go to gauges, there are no team emissions or other distributions. Full decentralization of the emission distribution is the main priority.

There is a 1% exponential decay week over week normally, reducing emissions in perpetuity.

Emissions can and will be adjusted down or up based on market demand, and monitored to prevent overinflating

The formula to calculate an Epoch's emissions is:

Emissions(t)=E0Ā āˆ—Ā (eāˆ’rt)Ā t=EpochsE0=Xāˆ’r=decayĀ coefficientEmissions{(t)} = E_{0}\ *\ (e^{-rt}) \\ \ \\ t = Epochs \\ E_{0} = X\\ -r = decay \ coefficient

Alternatively, a user can calculate the emissions for an epoch based on the previous, as such:

Emissions(epoch(N))Ā =Emissions(Nāˆ’1)Ā āˆ—(1.00āˆ’decay)Emissions(epoch(N)) \ = Emissions(N-1) \ * (1.00-decay)

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