🔐Contract Timelock

In order to instill further confidence during the early stages of the project, we are implementing a timelock mechanism for all necessary proxies. The inclusion of a timelock offers several benefits, as it prevents the proposer from executing any transaction to upgrade or modify the contracts until the designated timelock period has elapsed. This mechanism enhances security and provides reassurance to the users and protocols utilizing the NILE platform.

To ensure transparency and community awareness, any proposed calls to the timelock will be openly shared with the community. This allows for proper notification of any changes prior to their implementation. We utilize the OpenZeppelin Defender platform (https://www.openzeppelin.com/defender) to automate notifications within our Discord community.

The NILE team is committed to regularly providing updates and information to the community. This includes sharing insights into future upgrades, code changes, and upcoming feature implementations. We strive to maintain open communication and keep our community well-informed about the project's development and progress.

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