☸️xNILE "Flywheel"

xNILE incorporates an inherent flywheel mechanism within its exit penalty system. All forfeited or exited xNILE tokens are utilized as bribes for high-impact liquidity pairs that generate significant fees and volume. This ensures that the bribes remain balanced and aligned with the overall health of the DEX.

The amount of xNILE allocated for bribes follows an inverse relationship with the vesting of xNILE. As more vesting periods are completed without any exit penalties, the xNILE bribes decrease. Conversely, if a significant amount of xNILE is being instantly exited, incurring exit penalties, the xNILE bribes naturally increase to compensate for the loss.

This creates a sustainable flywheel within the existing ve(3,3) flywheel framework, fostering long-term growth of the ecosystem while effectively aligning the interests of capital providers.

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